Once More Unto the Breach…

Small Disasters Series - Hindenburg.jpg
Josh Rose, Small Disasters #2, acrylic on linen board, 2003 | © 2016 J.Rose

It’s that phenomenon that occurs once every several years: I lose/delete/let flounder into obscurity the ol’ website and then get reinvigorated to start it all over once again.  We’ll see how I do this time.  There are major changes under the hood, though: I finally moved my site to a new host (WordPress) after falling in love with the interface and features after my old domain host service imported the code for me.

Like before, this site will become the home to my blog, which should be pretty scattershot but I’m committing to writing more on things I am actively working on professionally (a summer study abroad class in Dundee, Scotland on Comics in the United Kingdom, for instance, or general writing on art, academia, Surrealism, and comics), hobbies including the Dallas Comic Book Club I founded over a decade ago, as well as my interest in gaming (tabletop RPGs and video games) and technology.  And, as the name of the site itself suggests, the back-end of the site will be for offering a repository of the comic strip, Cosmo, I drew in college and graduate school.

So, once again, I present to you website as vanity project.

You’re welcome, internet.

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