Where In the World Am I?

Found written on the wall in the sculpture yard at Brookhaven College, Summer 2018.

I’ll be honest with you: I’m really terrible at self-promotion.  But I also have this new website and like putting things on it, so… if you like nerdy things, and me, and me talking about nerdy things, here are two upcoming venues to hear me do just that.

From August 9th through August 11th, I’ll be attending the inaugural conference of the Comics Studies Society at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Additionally, I’ll be participating in a panel on the first day of the conference at 1:00 PM titled “Learning to Look: The State of Art History and Comics Scholarship.  If you are at the conference, or nearby, please come say “hello”!

Then, beginning in late September, I’ll be presenting the Luis Martín Lecture Series in the Humanities at the Meadows Museum of Art at Southern Methodist University in conjunction with their exhibition Dalí: Poetics of the Small, 1929–1936.  This five-part lecture series, “Salvador Dalí and the Resurgence of Surrealism,” will focus on Dalí entering the Surrealist movement at a critical juncture and bringing with him a resurgence on psychology and his own unique brand of Surrealist antics.  For more information, visit the Meadows Museum’s program calendar page and scroll down until you see the lecture series listing.

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